Homefinding Assistance

The first step to achieving international relocation success will be assisting the assignee and their family in finding the most suitable housing. By providing assignees and their families with cohesive destination support services and eliminating distractions, time loss, and moving anxiety, CORT Destination Services Consultants can help assignees go back to pre-move productivity as quickly as possible.

CORT Destination Services Consultants take every aspect of the assignee and their family’s moving needs and expectations into consideration. By proactively assisting assignees and their families with all the aspects of a home search, consultants can assure that all needs are met and the process of adjusting to a new setting will be smooth.

Components of Homefinding Assistance include:

  • Pre-arrival: Detailed needs assessment with a consultant
    • Commuting and local transportation needs
    • Needs of family pets
    • Furniture rental (if needed)
    • School locations (if applicable)
    • Preferences regarding property and amenities
    • Budgeting concerns
    • Any other concerns or requirements important to the assignee
  • Market research based on needs assessment and provide available options for assignee feedback
  • Refined list of available housing options based on assignee preferences and availability (typically apartments, townhouses, or condos)
  • Online access to the Welcome Package on MyCORT.info
  • Itinerary preparation for pre-arranged tour day(s)
  • Visits to preferred properties accompanied by consultant
  • Lease Signing and Lease Assistance
  • Utilities set-up assistance
  • Pre-arranged locations for drop-off and pick-up (hotel, office, etc.)
 I DID find a new home, and Rebecca was great! She was knowledgeable, fun and efficient! I feel much more "in tune" with the city and my move. Your service is awesome. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone; it's worth every penny and more. It would have taken me a week or two to cover what we did in one day. I'm going to meniton this to our HR department and recommend it for any new hires I bring on board from out-of-town. A superior service in every way - I'm grateful to CORT and Rebecca for such a gracious, comprehensive, and fun introduction to my new city!   Manufacturing, Portland, OR

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The percentage of homeowners dropped 2% since 2008, the first decline in 75 years