International Area Orientation

When you make an international move, becoming accustomed to your new home can take some time. CORT facilitates that process with our international area orientation services. Part of our International Destination Services, our Area Orientation / Pre-Decision Tours are full-day or multiple-day programs offering a variety of services that help you meet your needs when adjusting to your new home.

Our Area Orientation / Pre-Decision Tours will:

  • Conduct Needs Assessment (pre-arrival) that includes...
    • Geographic preferences
    • Commute requirements
    • Local transportation needs
    • Location of schooling, if applicable
    • Assignee / family interests
    • Identification of any other assignee requirements
  • Prepare and provide itinerary for the day(s) of the area tour
  • Provide an escorted overview of the asignee's destination, including...
    • Supermarkets, restaurants, and shopping locations
    • Local attractions
    • A tour of local schools, if applicable
    • A drive by of sample properties in the assignee’s desired area
  • Include pick up and drop off at pre-determined location (office, hotel, etc.).

As a company committed to making your move abroad simpler, CORT’s International Destination Services include a variety of ways to help you get acquainted with your new home. From assistance with government documents to corporate housing to language services, we provide the expertise you need to settle in. Contact CORT today to find out how our Destination Services can benefit you.

 We are getting very excited about the move. We really enjoyed the time that we spent with Gerard.  He is a really nice guy. He even volunteered to research churches for us because he knows that finding a good church is important to us. Relocating is a huge stressful process and Gerard helped us over one major hurdle.   Building Materials, Tampa, FL

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