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Providing integrated destination support services minimizes distractions, anxiety and time loss, helping transferees return to pre-move productivity faster. Assisting the transferee and their family find suitable housing is a vital first step to the overall success of the assignment.

CORT's Destination Services consultants are sensitive to the transferee's needs in adjusting to a new environment. We work proactively to assist tranferees and their families with every aspect of home search, including:

  • Complete needs assessment based on assignee's unique criteria
  • Review the properties selected from those provided and confirm a good match to criteria
  • Educate on market availability, prices and reality
  • Plan an itinerary and accompany to the properties selected
  • Present key questions to property agents regarding the property, the neighborhood and any local factor of importance
  • Document condition of the property

CORT strives to give the best solution to meet budget and lifestyle preferences. Our people have a broad and deep understanding of market factors that will affect the enjoyment of the new residence.

 I had some uneasy and nervous feelings before the trip and truthfully did not think I would find an apartment or leave St. Louis with a comfortable feeling. To my surprise it was just the opposite! I cannot thank you enought for putting both my parents and me at ease with this whole experience. Being that I am the baby of the family and horrible with directions, they were extremely worried about me. Lori made this process very unstressful and worry-free.   Pharmaceuticals, St. Louis, MO

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The percentage of homeowners dropped 2% since 2008, the first decline in 75 years