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Upon entering the United States, an assignee is asked to complete the I-94 form. Immigration officials will attach the form to their passport. The ID number on the form is entered into the Homeland Security database. In most jurisdictions, it takes about two weeks to link the number to the passport. Until this process is complete it is not possible to get a social security number.

  • The Destination Services consultant will accompany them to the local Social Security Office
  • The application can be completed at the office, or downloaded from
  • Assignee will need to bring their passport, visa with I-94 form attached
  • Some offices ask for proof of employment, such as an offer letter, we suggest bringing it along just in case

It usually takes 2-3 weeks to receive the card. The Destination Services consultant will advise the assignee on the steps they need to take to follow up if there is a delay.

  I would like to let you know that I have been very happy with the tour of Houston and the assistance for getting my social security card, provided by Heather. She has been patient, postitive and has always given me the correct information for my requests. I would be very glad to recommend Heather to my colleagues. -Oil, Houston, TX

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