Cultural Orientation

Cultural awareness can greatly enhance an assignee's effectiveness in a new country. The company's competitive position can turn on sensitivity to cultural mores and differences in world view. By making this investment, employers put their people in the best possible position to succeed and thrive in social and community experiences.

CORT's cultural training programs can be customized to provide international managers and expatriate families with tools to quickly and effectively adapt to a new cultural environment. Our programs are:

  • Delivered by time-tested and successful cultural experts
  • Offered to handle most cultural adaptation and training assignments
  • Designed to complement and integrate with the activities of our Destination Services consultants
  • Available to both the relocating assignees and their family members

Our transferees and their families adjust well to their new community and neighborhood. They are able to participate fully in both business and lifestyle activities. The confidence instilled in our participants greatly enhances the overall experience.

For children who often have special challenges adapting, CORT can offer distinct children's and young adult programs.

 I had the BEST experience with our CORT representative on Saturday. He was so diligent and planned our time together beautifully. He showed me two condos and I decided when I walked out on the balcony and saw the ocean (second condo) that I was home. He was patient and fun and I know I will stay in touch with him while I am enjoying my new home in Tampa. He is a rock star in my book, if I need anything, I will call him first. -Higher Education, Tampa, FL

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