International Services
  • Pre-arrival AssessmentYour move to America should be a grand adventure. We take pride in introducing you to our country and making certain your experience begins with a well-planned arrival experience.
  • Government Document AssistanceCORT will expertly guide you through the entire process necessary to obtain documents needed in the United States.
  • Area OrientationAcclimating to a new location is a crucial first step to feeling at home. Once the assignee arrives, the Destination Service consultant will begin a show and tell to reset the assignee's personal compass.
  • HomefindingProviding integrated destination support services minimizes distractions, anxiety and time loss, helping assignees return to pre-move productivity faster. Assisting the assignee and their family in finding suitable housing is a vital first step to the overall success of the assignment.
  • Settling-in ServicesOnce the assignee and their family have arrived, CORT's Destination Service Consultant ensures a smooth transition by incorporating a comprehensive settling-in program. Our consultant assists with each critical phase of the relocation process.
  • Schooling AssistanceGetting your children into a new school is a priority for any family. We'll help you choose the best school for your child. We know it is vital to the overall success of the move.
  • Language ServicesOur process and network of skilled trainers will get you up the learning curve quickly, effectively and with lasting impact - no matter what your current skill or fluency level.
  • Cultural OrientationFor a transferee in a new country, CORT will provide excellent orientation services to allow the best chance of early and continuing success as you learn about our land.
  • Household Goods TransportWhen your personal items must travel over land, by ship and over land again, CORT has an excellent network of services to make sure they arrive safely and in fine condition.
  • Furniture RentalAs the nation's premier provider of furniture, CORT has a broad array of selections and price that adds up to excellent value.
  • Corporate HousingCORT partners with the best provider of corporate housing services to ensure your short transition period is comfortable and allows you to focus on the new job.
  • Departure AssistanceWhen an assignment is nearing its end, or an assignee is about to embark on a new challenge, CORT will help prepare the assignee and family for departure. Since each situation is unique, CORT consultants have learned to handle this with flexibility and, often, creativity.


CORT made finding our home in a strange and unfamiliar city very smooth and easy.
Our CORT representative was upbeat, friendly, knowledgeable, and made the entire process welcoming and less stressful.
My experience was nothing but positive and I would recommend CORT to any of my friends.

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