Managing Temp Jobs: Help With Managing Temporary Assignments

Strategic Initiatives and Employee Mobility Continue

Temporary assignments have become frequent challenges for most organizations. CORT is leveraging its core strengths in locating rental housing, furniture rental and destination services to help companies and their mobile workforce address this evolving business need. CORT's Assignment Solutions is focused upon the assignment-related needs of both business unit managers and their assignees including interns.

While this type of professional support has traditionally been reserved for international assignees inbound to the United States, organizations are increasingly looking to provide domestic assignees professional resources with national and local leverage to reduce costs and improve the quality of their accommodations in the assignment location.

Design Assignment Policies Around Duration

Temporary assignment policies are increasingly being designed around the assignment duration, which in turn is dependent upon the reason for the assignment:

  • Project Work
  • Training and Professional Development
  • Intern Programs
  • Entering a New Market or Establishing a New Facility
  • Rotational Program for Internationals
  • Reorganization or Downsizing
  • Merger or Acquisition
  • Joint Venture or Research Project
  • Disaster Recovery

Companies may wish to establish a three-tiered policy for temporary assignments based on timeframes of up to six months, six months to one year, and greater than one year.

Assignments lasting up to six months often are for the employee only. Stays beyond six months may include the option for the family to accompany the employee. The length of the assignment determines not only who but what goes to the new location (increasingly, organizations are providing for a small shipment of personal effects.) Combined, these factors help determine the type of accommodations to be reimbursed or funded in the assignment location.

Big Cost Savings When Matching Accommodations to Assignment Duration

Depending on the location, accommodations for temporary assignments vary from hotels to hotel suites, to corporate apartments, to unfurnished apartments with furniture rental.

Assignments requiring stays up to three months will often utilize corporate apartments, whereas stays exceeding three months may opt for a standard apartment with furniture rental which can substantially reduce costs. CORT can provide cost-effective solutions regardless of the assignment duration.

Companies need to assess which accommodations fit their culture and what makes financial sense. As an example, the table below illustrates the nightly lodging costs for Chicago and Nashville based on some of the options cited. The federal government per diem rate is also included for comparison.

  Full-Service HotelsLimited-Service Hotels Corporate ApartmentOne Bedroom Apartment & Furniture Of Your Choosing Plus Housewares & UtilitiesGeneral Service Administration (GSA) Per Diem Rate- Hotel Lodging
Chicago $200.14$164.71$94.50$75.10$210.69
Nashville $130.66$107.34$76.00$51.07$117.00
In Summary

As temporary assignments increase and evolve within organizations, many seek to better manage costs and personalize service to the needs of the assignee particularly with regard to accommodations. The goal of CORT's Assignment Solutions is to better prepare business unit managers and assignees for assignments through comprehensive cost estimating and the quick and cost-efficient implementation of the appropriate turnkey solution. The end result is not only a more cost-effective assignment management program, but a more productive work force.

Contact CORT to find out the costs for the different types of accommodations in your assignees' locations at or call 877.659.2678. There may be some serious cost savings in it for you and them. CORT is also a perfect complement to lump sum programs.