CORT Destination Services Continue Rapid Growth Helping Employees Relocate to U.S. Communities

Comprehensive Services from Finding a Home to Obtaining Social Security Cards, Bank Accounts and Driver's Licenses Ease the Transition

CHANTILLY, VA (April 24, 2012) - CORT has helped companies support relocating employees and families for the past four decades. The growing suite of destination services has expanded to support more than 5,000 employees relocating to and within the United States last year with the most comprehensive range of area orientation tours, apartment and home finding assistance and settling-in services tailored to ensure employees can focus on their work quickly.
CORT, a Berkshire Hathaway company, supports renters in all 50 states and services more than 80 percent of the Fortune 500. Demand continues to grow rapidly for services designed specifically for international assignments to the United States. Most of those employees are renters.
CORT Destination Services ease the stress of moving to a new country as global companies rely on rapid recruitment and deployment of employees and project teams to seize business opportunities. Most temporary assignments to the United States are for 6-24 months, and many organizations and their employees are renting apartments or homes and furnishings.
"Few experiences can be more stressful for an employee and family than relocating to a new country, and companies know that failed deployments are costly," said CORT Senior Vice President Mark Koepsell. "Easing the transition ensures that employees and families get settled quickly to focus on their work without distractions. The personalized attention of CORT Destination Services is tailored to meet the unique needs of employees and families and CORT manages every detail carefully with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction."
Home Finding and Area Orientation
CORT became the premier provider in the United States of home finding assignments in U.S. in 2008, helping companies introduce employees to communities and facilitating rental of an apartment or home. Today, CORT conducts more than 500 home finding assignments each month.
Before each tour, employees and families are provided a wealth of local market information to learn every detail about their new community, including information about schools, entertainment and dining, places of worship, medical facilities and much more. CORT certified destination service consultants then take employees and families on tours through their new location to foster a feeling of comfort and connectivity to the community.
Settling-In Services
Services supporting international relocations include assistance obtaining a social security card, driver's license and auto insurance, enrolling children in school, establishing a bank account, enrolling in language classes, learning to use public transportation systems, buying or leasing a car, learning to use US-style appliances, and more - virtually anything needed to settle into a new home and community. CORT consultants also provide other destination support services that include connecting utilities and renter's insurance. In addition, CORT Destination Services supports a wide variety of specific individual needs that fall outside the scope of most relocation policies. CORT will endeavor to handle any request to ease employee transitions.
Furnished or Unfurnished
Depending on the length of assignment, it may ease the relocation stress and be more cost efficient to use furnished housing instead of shipping household goods. CORT is the world's largest provider of rental furniture, appliances, electronics and accessories. With locations throughout the United States, CORT can furnish any home usually within 48 hours. Short-term rentals are also available for employees awaiting the arrival of household goods, which allows families to get settled into their new homes and schools immediately instead of using temporary lodging and having to move twice.
Departure Services
With attention to every detail, CORT Destination Services can also help with lease termination, the return of security deposits, move-out inspections, disconnecting utilities and gathering important records to minimize the stress of the transition and employee's return.
"Our certified destination services counselors are committed to helping employees and families with every detail, from leaving their original destination to going home again," said CORT Vice President Jeff Rowe. "Counselors have been carefully selected with in-depth knowledge of local communities anywhere in the nation with the expertise to help every customer feel at home in their new location."
About CORT Destination Services
CORT Destination Services is the premier provider of rental home finding and settling-in services in the United States. CORT supports relocating employees and families with the nation's most comprehensive range of services. For more information about CORT Destination Services, please visit
CORT, a Berkshire Hathaway company, has more than 100 offices and showrooms across the United States, including offices in every large metropolitan area. For more information about CORT, please visit
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