A Mobility Policy Imperative

As international companies continue to depend on the rapid recruitment and deployment of employees and project teams to the United States to seize business opportunities, many are finding they must provide professional "on the ground" assistance to guide them through the relocation and settling-in process. Relocating to an unfamiliar country is a life-changing event for international employees and their families. Different rules, laws and cultures can be overwhelming with such moves and employees typically need assistance navigating potential minefields and adjusting to their new environment. According to numerous 2012 global assignment and employee mobility surveys, companies realize that taking care of workers and their families throughout the relocation process results in positive and productive employees, with fewer distractions, right from the start.
Demand continues for services designed specifically to ease the transition for international assignees to the United States and in the past year, CORT Destination Services supported more than 5,000 employees relocating to and within the United States. Their comprehensive range of area orientation tours, apartment and home finding assistance and settling-in services are tailored to ensure employees are positioned to "hit the ground running" in their new location.
With temporary assignments to the U.S. typically ranging from 6-24 months, the majority of employees are renting apartments or single family homes and increasingly rental furnishings. CORT's Destination Service Consultants are local market experts and trained to deliver the full spectrum of services to guide an employee from the moment they receive their assignment to settling into a new home. They provide tours of the employee's new location to foster a feeling of comfort and connectivity to the community. Employees can also leave the settling-in details to CORT allowing them to devote their energy to their new work assignment. From setting up utilities, to assisting with the acquisition of a vehicle and driver's license, to enrolling children in school, the CORT Team goes above and beyond what's required to ensure the employee's transition goes smoothly and is as stress free as possible.
Much happens behind the scenes before an employee lands in the United States. Once an employee assignment is made, they are set up with a CORT Destination Services Consultant in the market where they are relocating, and the same consultant will help them throughout the entire process. Consultants conduct a "needs analysis" with the employee to examine their individual needs - are they bringing their family? Are they single? What are their housing needs? Will they require translation services? Services supporting international relocations include assistance obtaining a social security card, driver's license and auto insurance, enrolling children in school, establishing a bank account, enrolling in language classes, learning to use public transportation systems, buying or leasing a car, learning to use U.S.-style appliances, and more - virtually anything needed to settle into a new home and community.
And because CORT is constantly looking for ways to improve the relocating employees' experience, a unique, online portal - mycort.info - was recently introduced to provide them with quick and easy access to information on their new city and region, including guides for neighborhoods, public transportation, culture, and local attractions. The portal also provides information regarding the U.S. education system and how it might be different from their current country as well as more details about typical lease practices.
Whether needs dictate housing or settling-in assistance, CORT is the link for an easy and productive transition for employees and their families to new assignments in the U.S. Contact CORT for more information on how their Destination Services can assist and streamline your relocation efforts.

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CORT Destination Services is the premier provider of rental home finding and setting in services in the Unites States. CORT, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, supports relocating employees and their families with the nation's most comprehensive range of services. For more information, please visit www.cortdestinationservices.com.
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