Furniture that creates a campus experience students want, on a budget you like.

Furniture Solutions for Today’s Campus

Say goodbye to large initial investments in campus furnishings and countless hours spent on repairs and refurbishment. Say goodbye to the hassle of storing and maintaining the pieces you no longer need, to scrambling to furnish overflow housing at the start of each term. Say hello to a partner that offers custom solutions that can meet your needs, no matter the scale. Say hello to CORT furniture leasing solutions.

Furniture on Demand

Whether it’s record enrollment, summer conferences, or upgrades to on-campus housing, your institution’s furniture demands can change every term.

If you need furniture for three years or three months, when you partner with CORT, we’ll set up and deliver your furniture when you need it and take it away when you don’t. We’ll even help with space planning, so you can spend less time procuring, storing and moving furniture and more time on what matters – your students.

Stylish & Affordable

CORT has furniture options for every area on campus—and every budget. From making sure high-traffic areas such as common areas are kept stylish, to offering comfortable student housing, leasing from CORT helps your campus furniture stay up-to-date and attractive to current and prospective students and faculty. You’ll never have to wonder what’s older – your furniture, or your students.

Customer Service

We know you have more to worry about besides furniture, which is why our dedicated team of professionals will handle repairs and replacement, making sure every piece meets our standards and the demands of your students and faculty.

At CORT, we believe the right surroundings matter, which is why we’re committed to finding ways to make your life easier and save you money.