Moving to a new country
is stressful enough

We’ll help furnish your new place quickly, stylishly and affordably.

Furniture rental for students studying in the U.S. is designed to be easy and convenient. From dealing with student visa paperwork to securing a place to live, we know you have other things to worry about besides finding furniture for your new home. Our professionally styled and handpicked student furniture rental packages provide three rooms of furniture, including living room, dining room and bedroom, at an affordable entry price of $99/mo.*

*Student pricing is only available on Student Packages. Customer must present valid Student I.D. before delivery.


Select Your Lease Length.

Whether you need furniture and home necessities for a semester or your entire year, we have lease terms to accommodate the length of your stay. For 12-month leases or longer, we offer furniture rental packages as low as $99 per month. That’s an exclusive student savings of over 70% compared to our Move-In Ready packages!


Choose the Student Package That’s Right for You

Our pre-configured student packages are built with you in mind. Every package comes with three rooms of furniture, handpicked by our professional design team. Add on extras like kitchenware, towels, bed linens and additional bedroom sets to accommodate the number of roommates living with you. You can customize your package to meet your specific needs.


Leave All the Details to Us.

Once you select a package, we do the work of selecting which individual pieces work best as a set. You’ll get quality pieces that work well together and make your new home feel comfortable and stylish without the hassle of shopping – all at our greatly discounted student rate. Really want to pick your own style of furniture? Don’t worry; you can shop by the room or by the piece at our normal rates.


Checkout Online.

Once you’ve selected your furniture rental package and extras, create an account, set up a delivery date, sign a lease, and pay for your first month’s rent, all online. Need to use an international credit card? No problem! We accept international credit cards with additional documentation, a copy of your passport and I-20 form, and one-month security deposit.


Confirm Your Delivery.

A CORT representative will contact you to confirm your order and delivery date. Soon after, our prompt and professional delivery team will deliver and set up your furniture in as little as 48 hours. You don’t even need to be home when we arrive.


Schedule Your Pickup.

Later, when you no longer need your furniture, you can schedule your pick-up as far out as 30 days. Simply call us anytime at 888.360.CORT.

See for yourself how easy it is.