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Government Accounts

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CORT offers the perfect solution to temporary needs.

Government agencies are challenged to stay ahead of many ever-changing initiatives. To stay ahead of change and maximize budgets, agents needs flexible solutions for the office and employees on temporary assignments. This is where the value of CORT comes in.

BUDGET CONSERVATION: CORT's rental services allow agencies to preserve the budget for core needs.

CONVENIENCE: CORT provides responsive on-call rental services nationally and in the U.K., which allows agencies to quickly address internal or external requirements, thereby providing maximum operational momentum and the reduction of downtime.

EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT OF ASSETS: CORT gives agencies flexible rental terms that allow them to use only what they need, when they need it, which lowers asset costs and saves budget.

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: Rental supports green initiatives as the service model's carbon footprint and use of raw goods is less than that of purchasing. And, less long term storage is required for unused furniture.

FLEXIBILITY: CORT's rental services and lease term flexibility allow agencies to adjust furniture assets according to current actual need, conserving an agency's budget.

LONG-TERM COSTS OF OWNERSHIP: Using rental services, an agency reduces the quantity of overstock or obsolete inventory that will enable them to decrease the costs associated with carrying excess inventory throughout its lifespan.

MAINTENANCE & REPAIR: CORT is responsible for the ongoing maintenance and repair of the furniture, which reduces operational costs and increases employee productivity.

CORT offers the perfect solution to employees on temporary assignments.

CORT provides government agencies and the military with the flexibility to let personnel choose how they want to live while away on long-term assignment. From the larger details, like finding an apartment and selecting the furnishings, down to the smaller details, like choosing home essentials for kitchen, bedroom and bath.

CORT offers free national apartment locating through Also, now on GSA Schedule, CORT provides residential furniture and housewares. We know moving is stressful, so we work hard to ensure personnel receive attentive customer service, showroom condition furniture and fast delivery that's right the first time. As America's National Furniture Rental Company with more than 100 showrooms nationwide, we deliver all of these promises.

CORT's Government Experience

CORT is the largest provider of rental furniture to the government for the last 16 years.

  • CORT has earned an "Outstanding" report card from its GSA audits in all categories of government contract management and scores satisfactorily in CPARS reports.
  • Over 75 showrooms, 54 Distribution centers and 2,000 employees nationwide to provide local sales and service to government accounts across the country.
  • Why do government agencies rent?

  • Budget management
  • Taskforce initiatives
  • Renovations
  • Staff reconfiguration
  • Departmental expansions
  • Delay of permanent furniture delivery
  • Emergency/contingency
  • Planning/disaster recovery
  • Temporary projects
  • Training centers
  • Security sites
  • Recruitment centers
  • Program launches
  • Federal trials and other judicial needs
  • Military base realignment
  • Employee relocation

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    CORT Business Services is on GSA Schedule to provide the services below:

    Schedule 71, Furniture and Furnishings
    - Office Furniture Rental, SIN 711 97
    - Residential Furniture and Housewares Rental, SIN 71 297

    Download Product Sheets:

    View Office Furniture

    GS-28F-7018G | SIN 711 97

    View Residential Furniture

    GS-28F-7018G | SIN 71 297

    GSA Government Contact Info

    Phone: 1-888-GSA-CORT
    FAX: 301-333-3530

    GSA Governments Accounts

    CORT has a dedicated sales team to work directly with government accounts. CORT is honored to have served the U.S. government since 1996.

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    On the GSA Schedule since 1996.
    Business Size: Large
    DUNS: 071078786
    Cage Code: 3UPV6
    TIN: 14-1543982
    SIC Codes: 7359, 2521, 2522
    NAICS No.: 442110, 532299, 532420

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