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Providing integrated destination support services minimizes distractions, anxiety and time loss, helping assignees return to pre-move productivity faster. Assisting the assignee and their family in finding suitable housing is a vital first step to the overall success of the assignment.

CORT's Destination Service Consultants are sensitive to the assignee's needs in adjusting to a new environment. We work proactively to assist assignees and their families with every aspect of home search.

Home search is defined as a single day or multiple day program with each day consisting of 6 – 8 hours of accompanied search.

Included in Home search are the following components:

  • Conduct detailed needs assessment (pre-arrival)
    • Budget
    • Property Preferences / Amenities
    • Furniture Rental Requirements, if needed
    • Location of Schooling, if applicable
    • Pets
    • Local Transportation / Commute Requirements
    • Identify any other assignee requirements
  • Upon completion of needs assessment, research market and provide initial options to assignee; refine search based on assignee feedback
  • Provide available options (typically 4 – 8 apartments or 4 – 6 single family, townhouse or condo selections based on upon availability)
  • Access to MyCORT.info online Welcome Package
  • Prepare and provide itinerary for day(s) of tour with pre-arranged appointment times
  • Accompanied visits to selected properties
  • Lease Assistance and Lease Signing
  • Assistance with setting up utilities
  • Pick up and drop off at pre-determined location (office, hotel, etc.)
 I DID find a new home, and Rebecca was great! She was knowledgeable, fun and efficient! I feel much more "in tune" with the city and my move. Your service is awesome. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone; it's worth every penny and more. It would have taken me a week or two to cover what we did in one day. I'm going to meniton this to our HR department and recommend it for any new hires I bring on board from out-of-town. A superior service in every way - I'm grateful to CORT and Rebecca for such a gracious, comprehensive, and fun introduction to my new city!   Manufacturing, Portland, OR

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The percentage of homeowners dropped 2% since 2008, the first decline in 75 years